The Dust Man

Born in the Gulf Coast Bay City of Pensacola Florida. The Dust Man was the 1st son of a bossy young lady that had the reputation of a fighter. He was fathered by the baby boy of a lil lady from the South Named Mrs. Lewis and raised by 16 aunts and uncles from his mother’s side and 12 aunts and uncles from his father’s side. Growing up loving hip hop music he knew that he would one day be an artist. He tells a story of his high school coach scribbling out each curse word in his notebook several times. He performed his first written rap in front of his mother at the age of 6 by the name of “Rocket”. His mother smiled and encouraged him. He Grew up on the Gritty and Murderous streets of Detroit Mich. Detroit was the Murder capital of the World and the Kingpins and Drug Dealer’s that Terrorized the city took a liking to the young Dust Man. He stared to sell Crack Cocaine at a young age on the east Side of Detroit City. Attending Kettering High School, the Dust Man got in Several Fights and Had a Large Gang of Brothers from the Field st and Forest Ave in Detroit’s Murderous Red Zone. The Dust Man Best Friends were Murdered one by one and his love for his city turned to rage. Turning his Love into memories of his friends Ronald, Bernard and Chris the Dust man Moved to the City he was born in Pensacola Florida. Going into Pensacola High School and Starting a Career of Drug and Gang Violence that would lead him to incarceration. He said his mother visited from Detroit and refused to visit him in jail, until his grandmother told her “Go see your baby” he cried behind that jail cell as his mother and brother visited him. He swore a oath to become the man he was destined to be. He was born into a family and Neiborhood and a city that was the capital of drug activity at the time he was thrust onto the streets. He was known on the streets for his drug activity by the Escambia County Shariff Dept and investigated for dealing narcotics. He was known for a 67 Chevy Belair that was a beautiful car. The sheriff dept with helicopter and spotlight surrounded the vehicle unknowing the Dust Man was not driving that night. With his Brothers Known as Ensley Gators formed a street gang known as the 700. Named after the block of Prichard and Stockdale Ave in the High Drug Traffic area of Ensley Florida. 

Drug Bust and Jail time became life for the Dust Man until he eventually moved to The Washington Dc area with a aunt that came home from a tour overseas in the Military. Embracing his new area of operation, the Dust Man got to work on his Music Career, developing a unmatched reputation on the streets for his gritty style of flow. Working out of the new Horizon Studios in Capital heights Md, the Dust man worked in the same space as the Legendary DMX on his first album. Recording alongside of Dru Hill , he knew he could hold his own in the rap game. Performing in from of Fabulous and Mobb Depp he had a Fire for his craft. Sneaking inside of the Def Jam office building and backstage at numerous events, he continued to try to get his music into the right hands. After having to additional boys, he got married and became the Palisade King of Car Sales. Yearning for the love of his Life to return the Dust man Divorced and is back on the Block with a New Gritty Sound the has the Streets going Karzy for his Flow. Check for the Dust Man, He is #1 with a Bullet!!